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Health monitoring and screening – £499

At H&B Medical we recommend that people have regular, targeted health checks. There is no guarantee for your ongoing wellbeing but by listening to your body, taking some sensible precautions and being aware of your environment will help you live a full and healthy life.

By having planned, periodical health checks we can look under the surface into the silent things that may impact on our health or dig a little deeper into some of the odd sensations that we may be becoming aware of. We can personalise any examination or investigation using current evidence based medicine or by taking other factors such as family history into account.

H&B Medical recommend that people have an initial screen under 40 years old, 3 yearly over 40 and annually over 50. This is for screening purposes only and any new symptoms or concerns should be addressed on an individual basis as a private consultation when the symptoms first become apparent.

We will perform:

Personal medical history including current symptoms and mental wellbeing; medications; allergies; family history

Physical examination of general health including heart, lung, abdomen, eyes, ears and nerves.  We recommend an appropriate breast and rectal exam and if indicated a female pelvic exam.  Chaperones will be present for any intimate examination.

Standard serology tests include: Full Blood Count and differential; Kidney creatinine and electrolytes; Liver function tests and gamma GT; Glucose; Lipid profile for cholesterol; Thyroid function tests.

Other blood tests may be done in addition but will be charged for at laboratory costs. Examples include but by no means are exclusive to Vitamin B12/folate, Vitamin D, Coeliac immunology, Allergy tests, Cancer markers such as prostate specific antigen and ovarian markers.

ECG with interpretation, Peak Flow and Urinalysis are standard. Other tests may be indicated in addition such as Spirometry (£50), Audiometry (£40), Cervical Smear (£100).

Imaging cannot be done at H&B Medical but will be arranged locally at your convenience. This includes test such as Mammography, Chest X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT and Cardiac ECHO/MR/Treadmill. The cost of these will be dependent on the centre you choose.

Personal report and recommendations will be made to you including the actual results of all your investigations.  This can be forwarded to your NHS General Practitioner at your request.