Pre-employmenthealth assessment

Pre-employment health assessment

This process ensures that newly appointed staff are able to perform all the tasks implicit in the role they are are to fulfil, and that there are no pre-existing health issues that could affect their safety, the safety of your other staff or the safety of the customers/clients of the business.

Sometimes a further reason for a health assessment is to ensure that necessary modifications can be made to the workplace in line with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This might include:

  • Alteration in duties
  • Provision of special equipment
  • Assistance from colleagues to undertake some tasks
  • Alteration of offices or furniture to allow physical access
  • Agreeing flexibility in hours or place of work

Pre-employment health assessment information also gives employers a baseline of the health of their new employees

If the job involves any of the activities below, there may be certain health implications specific to the job that will need to be evaluated in more detail:

  • Work with patients
  • Work with babies or children
  • Contact with laboratory animals or insects
  • Handling dangerous pathogens
  • Other work requiring health surveillance
  • Night work
  • Food handling
  • Driving vehicles
  • Tasks requiring accurate colour vision

Generally the outcome of a pre-employment assessment is either Fit or Unfit, and will be determined by a health questionnaire and an assessment by one of our doctors.