Occupational healthassessment

Sometimes the work environment can impact on a person’s health. It may be the nature of the work, physical, emotional or psychological factors encountered in the workplace, or a problem at home that is preventing the enjoyment of work or the ability to perform it safely and well. Sometimes it can be an illness, or a difficulty coping with the workload.

Good management at an early stage can prevent these situations from developing into a problem. Ensure the safety of your employees at work, take timely action to rectify potential issues and prevent the trauma of unfair or constructive dismissal, a disgruntled workplace or an employment tribunal.

When management refer to H&B you can be assured that your employees will have the time to discuss all the issues with somebody who has training in Occupational health, and will make a report informing management of these issues. This report will be tailored to the problem and particular employee, but may include advice on the medical condition itself, symptoms, prognosis, the chance of returning or continuing in the current job and changes in the working environment that may be necessary or beneficial.